Newsela brings the world’s top news stories to one convenient platform, that has interesting articles from every field. Topics include current events, myths, legends, literature, science, etc. Updated content is available on a daily basis with stories from a wide range of sources across the globe. All of the articles are available in five levels, ranging from 3rd to 12th grade.

A neat feature is that each leveled text can also incorporate a quiz, tailored to the article, with a writing prompt that asks students to respond to what they have read.

Teachers can utilize the option to access and manage student’s assignments, view individual or class results, track progress toward the Common Core State Standards or Next Generation Science Standards.

Newsela is a great resource of nonfiction for…

Little boy jumping in rain puddle wearing green rain boots.

The advent of the 21st century has brought many revolutions in the world, and majorly in the technological sector. The staggering progress in technological innovations has not only created changes in one or two sectors but has transfigured the entire working mechanism of various fields. It can be seen in history that many meaningful shifts occur in society, when unpredicted happenings force the widespread experimentation around any latest notion.

During World War II, when American men stepped out for the war, women handled all the men’s work and proved successful. Women never stepped back after that.

For the successful implementation…

Just like progress in all aspects of our daily living affect how we think and feel about our world, our community, and ourselves, major leaps of progress affect teachers. Change is often the end of something and the beginning of something else. Sometimes change happens suddenly without warning and sometimes it presents itself so slowly that without realizing we’ve made a gradual shift. Sudden change is the most difficult for obvious reasons, but sometimes the writing was on the wall and we ignored it and that change was on its way before we acknowledged its presence.

“We fear change when…

Many students ask, “Why do I need to know this?

This question is a favorite in middle school classes. As we grow up this question takes on a different meaning as we begin applying our knowledge to everyday life, but even as adults we wonder, “Why did I need to learn that back in school?” Teachers confront this issue daily because the future of our next generation depends on it. For both parents and teachers, these questions are of utmost importance — What’s worth learning? What should we teach in school? Let’s find out.

Prove That The Topic Is Relevant

Unstable internet connectivity. Lack of knowledge about how to use tools for conducting online classes. Fear of sounding uninspiring. When it comes to E-learning, there are multiple challenges that teachers have to face. Many teachers are now teaching E-classes that require the intensive use of technology. This is creating a lot of stress in their lives as they learn to use the tools and simultaneously continue to create interesting lessons.

The Technological Challenges of Remote Teaching

For ages, we have depended on classroom-based teaching methodology to impart education to our children. Teachers play a pivotal role in dissipating knowledge in…

The coronavirus has created a lot of uncertainties in the last six months. As feared, many schools have closed down completely to control the pandemic from spreading and have resorted to online teaching. Virtual learning comes with its share of challenges and limitations; most teachers and administrators are trying their best to make remote learning a success. However, are they able to really connect with and build relationships with their students?

Why Does a Strong Student-Teacher Relationship Matter?

Learning is more likely when teachers share a bond with their students. Relationships motivate learners and teachers. …

The novel coronavirus outbreak has shaken the entire world. For many of us, it is a traumatic experience that has completely modified our lives. It has affected the way we work, learn, and play. Millions of students and teachers around the world have been confined to their homes. To continue learning, many schools have opted for 100% virtual classes or some sort of a hybrid schedule.

Online Classes — The Challenges and Limitations

Learning should continue despite the pandemic. So, schools have embraced technology and shifted to e-learning platforms to connect teachers with students. The virtual learning environment is a…

A student who comes to school happy, smiling and finds reason to laugh will learn more. A happy student will retain more information than a student who is stressed or tense. But, will all students always arrive at school happy with a smile on their face? This is certainly not guaranteed or even likely.

So, if happy students learn more, but students don’t arrive to school happy, what’s a teacher to do? Increase their happiness!

How can you make your students happy and laugh in order to increase their learning rate?

And, does smiling and laughing really help students’ learning…

Virtual teaching can take all the regular stressors of teaching, such as lesson-building and rowdy students, and add even more challenges. All of a sudden, you need to deal with new technology. Each of your students is in a different place, with different distractions. You have little to no way of knowing if a student is looking at his phone or another tab on his browser. Meanwhile, you also have to consider the space you’re in. Are you working from home? Is there laundry in the background? Do you have kids at home or animals at home, who might disrupt…

Learning online can be daunting, but even more so for students with special needs who need structure, personal guidance, reassurances and clear instructions. During the global pandemic, teachers and educators have witnessed all students struggle physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. However, those who have struggled the most are students with special needs. The following areas can be used to support your students with special needs, helping them to achieve their learning goals.

Structure to the day — For a student with Autism or ADHD, a daily pattern has been established when they attend school each day. The students meet friends…

Dennise Heckman has been teaching & coaching since 1996. She majored in illustration at the Savannah College of Art & Design, holds a Master of Education Degree

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